New Zealand

Go hiking. New Zealand is a country of spectacular and diverse beauty. You can walk through rainforest, along golden-sand beaches, at the foot of mountains and up mountains. You can walk for half an hour, half a day or for days at a time.

Go kayaking. Paddle the dark waters of an ancient fiord or the sun-filled calmness of a South Island Sound. Lift your adrenalin with a whitewater rush or lift your soul with a pod of dolphins.

Go scuba diving. See the world of beauty and wildlife underwater that is so different but no less spectacular than the world above the water. Dive the Poor Knights, one of the world’s best dives.

Dive with dolphins. Or just dive for dinner.Go bungy jumping. It’s New Zealand. You have to try bungy jumping.And if you don’t do anything else, take a flight and look down on this marvellous incredible land. And think of all the things you must do down there.