We’re thrilled to raise our glasses to some exciting news. Queenstown is about to beat to a new rhythm, a rhythm that flows with flavors, conversations, and memories. 

Designed by Queenstown based Yoke Architects, The Cargo Brew Hall will soon be known as Queenstown’s best corporate event venue. It has been designed with a beautiful stone exterior, high ceilings and glass panels looking into the adjoining brewery, making it a unique venue space. Blending contemporary design with timeless elegance, the interiors provide the perfect backdrop for any corporate, private or community function, be it a gala, social celebrations, conferences and workshop, or board meeting.

Located only a 5 minute drive from the centre of Queenstown and 1 minute from the base of Coronet Peak Ski Field, this venue offers unmatched accessibility. Whether for local residents or visitors, the ease of reaching this spot is unparalleled. 

This new Queenstown venue will be able to accommodate 170 pax seated and 240 pax standing, becoming one of the largest venues in QT! Not only will it serve as a venue space but nestled within the Brew Hall, Cargo Brewery is where the hoppy magic happens! Cargo will have the capacity to brew large quantities of seasonal beers, going straight to tap at Gantley’s Pub, the historic Arthurs Point Tavern.  

Whether it’s an intimate wedding, a corporate seminar, a community arts performance, or a grand gala, Cargo Brew Hall is tailored to accommodate events of all scales and types. The venue seamlessly morphs to suit your vision, ensuring your event stands out.

So the next time you’re in the neighbourhood, follow the scent of brewing malt, the sound of clinking glasses, and join us for a pint (or two) at Cargo Brew Hall and let us showcase a potential venue for your upcoming event.