If there’s one thing we believe in wholeheartedly at QT, it’s the power of a united team. The strength and success of a company are rooted in the synergy, understanding, and camaraderie of the people. 

When it comes to fortifying our team’s bond, we believe in thinking outside the boardroom! With the snow-kissed peaks calling, we recently took to the mountains for an exhilarating team-building experience like no other.

The adventure began when we swapped their office attire for ski suits and headed to Coronet Peak. Surrounded by pristine snow and the invigorating alpine air, we prepared our guests for a day of skiing, obstacle courses, hot chocolate breaks, and plenty of laughter. 

Groups were divided by skiers and adventure seekers. The adventure seekers made their way through different obstacles like a snow shoe relay or sled building in which their prize was being provided a riddle to be given to the skiers. As the ski leads conquered the mountain on their hunt for answers to the riddles; it was easy to see that the snowy terrain is a level playing field. A place where titles fade away, and collaboration takes center stage. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or an intern; everyone faces the cold and challenges equally.

You might wonder why we chose the slopes for our outing. Here’s a peek into our thought process:

  • Levelling the Playing Field: Whether seasoned skiers or first-timers on the snow, we all had our moments of grace and our not-so-graceful tumbles. It was a humbling and equalizing experience for all.
  • Encouraging Support & Mentorship: Those more adept at skiing took it upon themselves to guide and encourage the novices. It was beautiful to witness spontaneous mentorship in action.
  • Relishing a Shared Experience: Facing the chill, navigating the slopes, and celebrating each descent allowed us to create memories that will undoubtedly lead to countless office stories.

These mountain moments were something to remember. As we awarded the winners with medals and loud cheers we headed to our après-ski at Gantley’s Pub, where we exchanged stories from our snowy escapades over local delicacies, which was the cherry on top. We were able to gather and enjoy the refreshing South Island tap beer, mulled wine and hot ginger beer by the cozy fire and truly finish the day with another memorable moment. 

Our day on the mountain was about more than just the thrill of Coronet Peak’s snow. It was a metaphorical journey, teaching the team about support, resilience, and the magic that happens when we all move in sync towards a shared goal.

As they carved their paths on the snow, they also carved out stronger, more meaningful connections with each other. And as the sun set on our snowy escapade, we left with a renewed sense of camaraderie, ready to tackle new company projects with the same enthusiasm with which they tackled the slopes.